GridEdge Networks is the inventor of the Distributed Generation Permissive™ (DGP) technology and the anti-islanding system used for grid interconnection of large-scale renewable generation. The company has a long history of innovations with Power Line Communications (PLC) technologies and is actively involved in IEEE-PES and a recognized contributor to the IEEE-1547 standard for interconnection of Distributed Energy Resources (DER).

The GridEdge anti-islanding system was specified, developed and tested under the guidance of the largest electric utility in New England from 2011 to 2013. It has been commercially available since 2014 and standardized in 2015.

The GridEdge method and system are patent protected by US patents 9,733,632 and 8,212,379.

The DGP technology combines elements of Direct Transfer Trip (DTT) and Autonomous Anti Islanding (AAI) algorithms. It is communications based as DTT providing utility control, and detects the island and trips at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC) similar to AAI.