GridEdge Networks provides a complete turn-key system solution for anti-islanding protection of large-scale DER. The GridEdge product is based on the DGP technology and supports overhead powerlines and underground cable applications.

A basic GridEdge network includes a DGP transmitter (TX) and a DGP receiver (RX). The DGP-TX originates the permissive signal and is usually located at the substation or behind a midline switch or sectionalizer. The DGP-RX is always located at the DER interconnection point to the grid called PCC location. The Point of Common Coupling (PCC) marks the demarcation line between the utility and DER (often at the edge of the grid). For complex circuits that cause signal degradation, GridEdge uses DGP regenerator units (RG) that boost signal strength. DGP-RG units are always located between DGP-TX and DGP-RX units.

Each DGP unit contains a DGP modem and a pair of couplers. Couplers are passive devices that attach to the medium voltage line and inject and eject the high frequency digitally encoded DGP signal. The couplers are connected to the modem using low loss coaxial cables.

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