GridEdge Networks provides DER communications, monitoring and anti-islanding protection solutions to electric utilities and independent power producers for a variety of distributed generation applications that include solar, wind, biogas, biomass, fuel cell, and energy storage. The GridEdge solution uses a highly reliable failsafe method and has the lowest life cycle cost in the industry. It is simple to deploy and is being used in greenfield projects and retrofit DTT applications.

The GridEdge anti-islanding solution is particularly effective on circuits that have high DER penetration, providing flexibility and scalability, and reducing interconnection time and interconnection cost. The system is fully compliant with the IEEE 1547-2018 interconnection standard.

Using the GridEdge anti-islanding solution, a utility can create DG-Ready circuits that are future proof and can accommodate any size and type of DER including a mix of inverters and synchronous machines from various manufacturers.   

A customer use-case with ten DER solar sites that are grid attached to a 23KV distribution circuit at eight PCC locations along the feeder demonstrates the benefits of the GridEdge anti-islanding solution.


GridEdge Networks provides a full range of professional services.

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GridEdge Networks provides a complete turn-key system solution for anti-islanding protection of large-scale DER.

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We are inventors of the Distributed Generation Permissive™ (DGP) technology and the GridEdge anti-islanding system.

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