GridEdge Networks

GridEdge Networks is a technology company that enables grid integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER). The company’s mission is to remove DER deployment roadblocks and help state regulators and policy makers achieve their clean energy goals.

A major roadblock today, especially in high penetration areas, is the DER interconnection bottleneck. We aim to solve this problem with a new approach called flexible interconnection. GridEdge developed a turnkey system solution named DERCOM that provides DER flexible interconnections and grid services.

Flexible interconnection enabled by DERCOM technology increases limited hosting capacity of existing lines and transformer substations by using intelligent software controls. It reduces cost and time of interconnection by avoiding or delaying costly  build outs.

DERCOM enables deployment of more DER, faster and at a lower cost.

DERCOM is a modular system that uses closed loop control algorithms with edge intelligence that optimizes grid operations from the substation down. It uses standard communications protocols and unlocks smart inverter functions based on the IEEE 1547-2018 and 1547.1-2020 interconnection standards. It can be deployed incrementally using existing interconnection process and is future proof. DERCOM integrates seamlessly with a centralized ADMS or future DERMS.

DERCOM provides a distributed solution to a distributed grid.

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GridEdge Networks provides a full range of professional services.

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GridEdge Networks provides a complete turn-key system solution for anti-islanding protection of large-scale DER.

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We are inventors of the Distributed Generation Permissive™ (DGP) technology and the GridEdge anti-islanding system.

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